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Welcome to ampm GLOBAL

The first 4th party logistics in South America

Ampm GLOBAL is a management company that provides solutions on the areas of International Trade, Import and Logistics.

It brings objectivity to your Foreign Trade and Integral Logistic processes and transactions, identifying solutions and strategies to fulfill your business goals in the required time.

ampm GLOBAL provides solutions on all the Supply Chain, including Foreign Trade Outsourcing, Freight Invoice Audit, Logistics Model Design, and International Purchasing Support.

Under Transparency Policies, Ampm GLOBAL guarantees to operate in accordance with the established agreements with third-party logistics providers (3PL), and to manage the supply chain, leading to the best cost-benefit equation.

Due to its innovative resources, ampm GLOBAL is chosen by multinational companies with high transaction levels that demand tangible results in the short, medium and long term. It is the link between your company and your multiple logistics providers, developing custom-made processes to ensure the fulfillment of the established goals.



Areas of Expertise

Manufacturers of auto parts and car / Technology & Electronics / Food and Beverage / Oil & Gas / Storage & Distribution / Laboratories / Retail / Plastics & Chemicals


In ampm GLOBAL, we have incorporated the concept of Compliance across the organization.

ampm GLOBAL 4PL Service

As a 4PL company, ampm GLOBAL, is an integrator that combines its own resources, capacities and technologies and those of others service providers to design and lead complex supply chains.