About us

Ampm GLOBAL staff

Ampm GLOBAL staff members are professionals characterized for facing their work with enthusiasm, commitment, transparency and responsibility. This, in addition to contributing to the personal growth of each team member, favors the accomplishments of our goals, filling our company with pride.

All the staff strives to reach big and small goals every day, aiming at finding the best way to make things happen.


Ana Marín

ampm GLOBAL Director and Founding partner

With 20 years experience in leadership as a foreign trade executive for auto parts and technology companies, Mrs Marin is in charge of the services of the Foreign Trade Office in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay and Brazil. She leads the organizational strategy and the tactical execution of the Foreign Trade teams, using and developing technologies for data management to achieve the goals set in each required logistic model.

Mrs Marín has a degree in International Relations (Universidad Nacional de Rosario) and PGDip from Universidad Austral and Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Before founding ampm GLOBAL Mrs Marín held management/regional positions at Lear Corporation, leading supplier in providing car seats, and also at Emerson, global supplier that operates with several business units such as automation and backup power systems. In both positions she has consolidated her vast experience in creating and leading high performance Regional Teams of Foreign Trade.


Carlos Moure

ampm GLOBAL Partner-Director

With a vast and diverse experience of over two decades in commercial leadership, Mr Moure joined ampm Global with the objective of accelerating the company’s growth. Through the operational improvements developed by him and the high efficiency strategies execution, ampm GLOBAL is broadening its leadership position in the trade solution and global logistics and Freight Audit markets. Mr Moure is an Industrial Engineer (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and has an MBA from Universidad de CEMA.

Before joining ampmp GLOBAL, Mr Moure was Sales Manager at Albano Cozzuol, leading supplier in providing plastic parts for the car industry; Visteon, global supplier of interiors and air-conditioner systems for car industry and Lear Corporation, car seat supplier. He has also been Executive for the Coto Retail chain, where he made the purchases in Argentina, Brazil and Asia, and directed daily operation, verifying branch stocks.


Gabriel Chomnalez

ampm GLOBAL Director and Co-Founder

Mr Chomnalez is the leader of the Freight Audit teams operating in Argentina and Brazil. He has 20 years of experience in Home Logistics and International Businesses, aside from his career in several companies, he also stands out for his entrepreneurial trajectory. Mr Chomnalez has a degree in Business Organization (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa).

Before founding ampm GLOBAL, he has been Commercial Manager and Plant Manager of Logistic Operations for medicines at Andeani Logística, leading a team with more than 400 people. At Lear Corporation, leading supplier in providing car seats, he worked as Purchasing Executive.

Mr Chomnalez was a Co-Founder and member of the Board of Directors at Patagonia Meals S.A., Premium food producer and exporter to the markets of Brazil, South Africa, Central Africa and UAE.