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ampm GLOBAL 4PL Service

As a 4PL company, ampm GLOBAL, is an integrator that combines its own resources, capacities and technologies and those of others service providers to design and lead complex supply chains.

Being a 4PL, ampm GLOBAL does not perform as a Freight Forwarder, custom agent or supplier of logistics service of any kind. This characteristic allows the company its required objectivity to suggest the best strategies and tactics to its clients.

To sum up, a 4PL is a supply chain integrator that joins and manages the resources, capacity and technologies, both of its own company and of additional service suppliers.

Advantages of Hiring ampm GLOBAL Services, First Fourth Party Logistic Company in South America

  • One official negotiator performs global and fully integrated Inbound and Outbound flows management
  • Professional expertise and technology surveillance that make it possible to achieve optimization
  • Global responsibility towards customers through a regional and/or worldwide dimensions and an extended network
  • Cost reduction

4PL Fourth Party Logistics Origin

As a consequence of markets globalization and the increase of international flow, logistic chains have become increasingly complex. The multiplicity of players within those chains raises direction, coordination and responsibility issues. 4 Party Logistics Provider primarily engages in coordination activities between 1PL, 2PL, and 3PL. The offer of 4PL is the direct consequence of those changes. These types of services allow a 1PL, producer or distributor, to rely on a global and integrated service of merchandise and information flow. It is, then, the possibility of having and organized and complete service through a solely interlocutor.

Definitions: logistic suppliers and client companies can also be arbitrarily classified according to the outsourcing fee or the delegation of the logistic function to a third party:

1PL (First party logistics): outsourcing of transport.

2PL (Second party logistics): externalization of transport and storage.

3PL (Third party logistics): classic externalization that consists in relying on a specialist to perform logistic operations and to implement the tools, competences and systems needed, aiming to improve the performance (doing increasingly diverse tasks).

4PL (Fourth party logistics): the most advanced outsourcing formula: the service supplier is not only in charge of a product distribution in a determined region, but also the optimization of a chain that integrates its client, the clients of its clients, and suppliers.