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Foreign Trade Outsourcing

By choosing ampm GLOBAL services your company is hiring a qualified Department of Foreign Trade to plan and carry out import and/or export trades efficiently, transparently and, above all, verifiably through the development of In Plant services. These services warrant the creation of strong communication channels ensuring the coordination and planning of cargoes depending on your needs.

Furthermore, with the TrustyWAY software developed by ampm GLOBAL, customers have a fluid online communication that allows them to access reports at any time, to follow up and to receive alerts.

What we do:

  • Exports Management (EM)/Import Management (IM)
  • Follow up and verification of cargoes
  • Customs procedures
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Import Costs and Export Prices Calculation
  • Standard Operating Procedures Layout (SOP)
  • Management through the TrustyWay software


  • Aerial/Terrestrial/Water/Multimodal Transportation
  • freight forwarder and transporters selection
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Service billing and management audit
  • Tendering and contract of related services

Integrated Logistics:

  • Determine the quantities, cycles and time of the chain
  • Planning, follow up and transportation of orders
  • Management control
  • Inventory administration and storage management

Diagnosis and Control

Diagnosis of the current logistic model (determination of performance):

  • Import/Export time process
  • Transit time
  • Management costs

Control: comparison between initial performance and obtained performance with the new logistic model applied by ampm GLOBAL

TrustyWAY Software