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Freight Invoice Auditing & KPI’s

The strategic decision of choosing ampm GLOBAL as your provider of Freight Audit Services will allow you to have a full picture of your logistic process. At the same time, thanks to the tactical solutions brought by ampm GLOBAL, you will optimize time and costs of the supplying chain, controlling them through KPI’s, FAR and Four Pannel reports. Having this information, you will be able to identify the performance of foreign trade operations, detours and improvement possibilities.

Ampm GLOBAL Freight Audit Service & KPI’s is particularly designed for companies that require reliability and transparency of information, monitoring of compliance policies and the capacity to reach the maximum efficiency –recovery of money and savings- on the logistic process in the short, medium and long term.

Due to its efficiency, transparency and reliability, ampm GLOBAL is the leader Freight Audit Service company in the Region.

Developed Activities:

  • Routine Guide Development (attached DOC’s and 3PL’s Billing process)
  • Data electronic processing/reception and physical invoice-OCR
  • Control auditing and compliance conciliation, rates, rate enforcement, exchange rates, billing calculation, compliance.
  • Credit Note request for billing mistakes:
  • Communication and request of reimbursement.
  • Checkup of the emission and audit of the Credit Note
  • Weekly Audit Report (FAR)
  • Periodic Four Pannel Report (report of deviations that identify opportunities to improve the logistic performance) (4P)
  • Development of Action Plan to correct desviations
  • Action Plan Follow up

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