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International Purchasing Support

Through ampm GLOBAL International Purchasing Service, your company hires a direct agent that is completely independent from possible providers and that attends solely your interests. As such, ampm Global will be in charge of the buying operation from your initial requirement until the product arrival to the destined port.

ampm GLOBAL professionals solid formation and experience turn this service into your purchase office in South America with the capacity to find suppliers, products, and services quickly and efficiently, and to manage the typical uncertainties of the process: distances, languages differences, regional rules and culture barriers, among others.

ampm GLOBAL International Purchasing Support has been particularly designed to assist retail chains and wholesalers that wish to stock themselves up from the South American market to find products and suppliers that fulfills their commercial goals. At the same time those companies can save money in the short, medium and long term.

Developed Activities:

  • Reception of client’s needs
  • Search of suppliers
  • Guide of prices and products comparison
  • Sample delivery
  • Deal closure and purchase administration
  •  Process control
  • Shipment follow up


Ampm GLOBAL guarantees transparency in the purchase process by being a direct link between clients and suppliers, and it also makes any kind of verification through the whole process.

Hiring Modalities

  1. Fee per month: for clients with constant or frequent purchase requirements
  2. Fee per requirement: for clients with sporadic demands