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Logistics Model Design

The Logistic Model Design Service brought by ampm GLOBAL is a method of simulation that allows to quantify the results that would be obtained in different scenarios and to choose the best alternative based on the desired economic result, risks to be assumed and other critical factors generally unattended in other kinds of approaches.

The logistic model allows you to opt for the best option at any moment.

Invaluable help in the decision making process, the Logistic Model Design gives you a deeper understanding of the logistical operation of your company.

Unlike the limitations of traditional methods of analysis and optimization to solve problems, the ampm GLOBAL’s Logistic Model Design allows to improve planning and design of your company transactions. All these result in the quality improvement of your services and the reduction or elimination of expenses.

Handled by extensive experienced professionals, the ampm GLOBAL’s Logistic Design is developed for those companies that require the reengineering of their current situation, the reliability and transparency of information and the optimization of their costs –turning expenses into savings- on the logistic process in the short, medium and long term.

Developed Activities:

  • Survey of historical documentation (last quarter and / or fore month)
  • Operation time and costs order and identification
  • Performance report (Savings calculation base)
  • Analysis and identification for improvement opportunities
  • Consideration for improvement opportunities
  • Analysis and development of new Logistic Model
  • Scope development of the implementation plan of the new Logistic Model
  • Road Map and follow up of the implementation plan
  • KPI’s issue report