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Founded on the principles of tenacity and strength, am-pm Global is a managing company that specializes in finding international trading solutions in the areas of purchases, importation, exportation, logistics and international law.

Optimizing resources and using innovative methods, we work for companies seeking tangible results in the short, interim and long terms.

We understand resources as the optimization of joint techniques (outsourcing and process improvements), allowing us to increase our clients’ profits, and to reduce their costs.

am-pm Global´s services are specialized in the following areas:

Purchasing Support in South - America:

Directed to retail chains, wholesalers, and distributors looking to be supplied by the South American market.

Finding and developing trustworthy relationships with suppliers is a complex task in any context. It is increasingly more so when different languages and cultures combined with long distances present themselves, aggrandizing already risky situations with regards to gaining secure access to foreign markets.

am-pm Global is committed to being your purchasing officer in South America, facilitating your trades, and making your purchases more profitable.

International Law—Legal Support, Tax and Customs Law:

Designed for companies looking to maximize profits through tax planning and fiscal engineering in the area of international transactions.

am-pm Global’s unique approach of analyzing investments through these areas is one commonly overlooked by most traders. We are dedicated to planning and anticipating the fiscal costs of future operations, key tools in increasing your profits.

Outsourcing for International Trade:

Our service will allow your company to outsource -totally or partially- the functions for planning and implementation of your import and export operations.

Delayed deliveries, goods that do not match with the order, inadequate customs declarations, no verifiable costs against a service, etc. These are the common occurrences in the process of Import and Export and they cause a subsequent loss of credibility in the market, and, therefore, a loss of clients.

We will turn your International Trade operations into simple, efficient and verifiable systems that are straightforward and effective.

Our constant search for cost coverage and high-quality service in international trade allows us to export and import at the lowest prices available in the market and in the required terms.

Evaluating the most competitive costs for transportation and logistics, developing and implementing Cost reduction policies but assuring quality Services.
We are focused on the design, development as
well as implementation of solutions in supply chain management and logistics planning
Av. F. Roosevelt 4989 - Of. 208 - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Zip Code C1431BZC)
Telephone: 54-11-5353-9854 / Fax: 54-11-5353-9854 int. 5
E-mail: info@ampmglobal.com.ar